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Jose Urdaneta

Jose Urdaneta

Jose Urdaneta is a New Yorker raised in Venezuela. He is a Doctor, a Politician, A philanthropist, a Photographer, a Poet, but most important, a musician, eager to share his passion for music with the rest of the word, and that’s where Escuchamos.FM comes to life.

Wally Berrios

Host of Salud y Vida
Wallysvette Berrios is a mother of two in her forties. She struggled with depression and PTSD until she discovered her true passion of helping others reach their health goals, she learned this through her own experiences when she saw how much of a positive impact healthy living had on her life. She is now the owner of EHW Balance and certified in Mind, Body, and Fitness, Sleep Science, Level One and Two Reiki Healing, Core Conditioning, Strong by Zumba, and she is a group exercise instructor. Her passions are holistic healing, triathlons, Ironman Races, and she is a lover of all plant-based living and sharing her skills and experience with the Latino community. Her future projects include starting a non-profit for inner city children to learn about healthy, and sustainable living as well as helping her oldest daughter start an organic farm in their home of Puerto Rico. Her motto is “A lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a promise to yourself and commitment to your family and friends” Wally shares her advice every Tuesday morning at 8:00 am (EST) in Salud y Vida Radio
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Miguel Betancourt

Co-Host de Hazlo con Nosotros
Conoce a Miguel Betancourt todos los lunes a las 8:30pm (EST) y jueves 12:00pm (EST) en el Programa Hazlo con Nosotros.

Jeandalee Díaz-Marín

Host of Sassy Vagilante
Jeandalee Díaz-Marín is a young Latina who has a passion in helping women break chains and push them to follow their dreams! In her segment "The Sassy Vagilante", she brings up women (human) issues with humor and a needed sassy vibe. After many years at Millersville university pursuing a career as a Medical Examiner, Jeandalee recently decided to take the path to become a Healthcare Business Manager which will fit in with her current job. Finally, she invites you to listen to her show "The Sassy Vagilante" on Sundays at 2pm! Find her on Facebook and watch the show Live, where you can also send her comments and topics that you would like to hear her speak about! Her show is intended for women and openminded men!

Mike Saez

Host of Mic Live and Power Music Radio Show
Meet Mike Saez. With over 15 years of experience in radio and communications, Mike arrived at since June 2017. Born in York, PA and raised in Orocovis, Puerto Rico. Lived in Lancaster, PA since 1995 then move to Florida in 2005. A family men with 2 kids Michael & Grace. From Central Florida Mike Saez is the host of “Mic Live” which is on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 12 Midday Eastern Standard Time & “Power Music Radio Show” every Fridays at 10PM & Thursdays at 12PM EST.
Mayra Soto

Mayra Soto

Mayra was born and raised in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, Mayra is passionate for travelingall around the world. She has more than 20 years of experience in providing the right travel experience for families. She is the Vice-President of the Puertorrican Association of Travel Agencies; collaborates with the travel section for the Todo Bayamon Newspaper and the Presencia Newspaper as well as the TV show, “Aprenda a Viajar Hoy”. Mayra is a “Travel Blogger” for Mundo Excursiones, providing information to future travelers and advising on new tendencies, touristic attractions, lodgings, ecotouristic attractions, gastronomy and everything that will help you in prepare for your trip. She is 100% Caribbean, Sun, and Beach, opportunity, and, and optimism! Her mission is to show the worldthe marvels the Caribbean has to offer.Her university in life is her trips and her next destiny is the world! She has travel all around the world and she knows the Caribeann like the palm of her hand, and it is that experience and interaction with each of those cultures that have taken her to expand her horizon into She is a fanatic of all the products made in the island and it is totally committed with fomenting the tourism in the best destination in the world: PUERTO RICO! With all this experience at hand Mayra is ready to bring her “calorcito puertorriqueño” to Simplemente Latina, "Baidagüey" and Hazlo con Nosotros and show you not only her beloved island but also the rest of the Caribbean and the world!

Dr. Adrian Rivera-Reyes

Host of In Philly Radio
Dr. Adrián Rivera-Reyes obtained his PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology with concentration in Cancer Biology from the University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine. Adrián currently works as a Scientist at Spark Therapeutics helping to develop a new line of treatment therapies for patients suffering from genetic diseases. He currently serves as a Commissioner for the Pennsylvania Governor’s Advisory Latino Affairs Commission, which is dedicated to advising the governor on policies and legislation that impact the Latino community around the commonwealth. Adrián is also a founding member and organizer of PhillyBoricuas, a grassroots organization that engages and helps to organize the Puerto Rican and Hispanic community in Philadelphia around issues of justice and equity. He will be every Wednesday at 8:30am (EST) talking about what's goin on with the Philadelphia Community.

Francisco (Paco) Vargas

Co-Host de Hazlo con Nosotros
Disfruta de las ocurrencias de Paco todos los lunes a las 8:30pm (EST) y jueves 12:00pm (EST) en el Programa Hazlo con Nosotros.

Laura Aiello

Presentadora del programa Sanando Corazones
Laura es Life & Divorce Coach. Su práctica de coaching está dirigida a ayudar a superar la ruptura sentimental (sanar corazones rotos) y generar una transformación positiva en sus clientes. Es también Business & Executive Coach, y apoya a sus clientes en cambios de carrera, a mejorar sus habilidades en el ámbito laboral y en procesos de emprendimientos para abrir nuevos negocios. Escribió un libro en formato digital, es una guía para sanar en 10 pasos los malestares emocionales del corazón. Trabajó por más de 15 anos en el mundo corporativo de Recursos Humanos en varias empresas, entre ellas, Xerox y Johnson & Johnson, tanto en Estados Unidos como en Latinoamérica. Fue también conductora del programa de televisión "Es Contigo", de corte motivacional y el cual se transmitió por el Venezolano TV en Miami y Madrid. Es blogger y escribe con frecuencia en su bloy y para el site Inspirulina. UNa de sus frases favoritas es: ¡Todas las mañanas contamos con la oportunidad de un nuevo comienzo! Conéctate con Laura Ailello todos los miércoles a las 8:30am (EST)