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Puerto Rican Pop Singer Hillary Santana Conquered the Fans of Escuchamos.FM

The new Puerto Rican pop artist Hillary Santana got to Escuchamos.FM  to present her new production in our radio show Enlace Caribe.

We present her trajectory and her juvenile style. Her sound is musically chosen with detail in her unique way that she projects her voice making you dance with the beat.

Hillary Santana, an eighteen year old girl born and raised in Puerto Rico, she is a Singer/Songwriter that has prepared her whole life to be just where she wants to be. With the music in her veins, she started playing the piano at age four without previous education. That’s where her parents decided to take her up on her dreams, putting her in every single lesson she could take to know more about what she loves most.
She attended ‘El Coro de Niños de San Juan’ from age six to age twelve, learning six different instruments during her preparation in that prestigious institution. Taking Musical History, to Musical Theory, and everything that could help nourish her brain with the sound and the soul. After that, she attended the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico, to then graduate from Classical Singing in the High School Program.
Performance wise, Hillary has sung in stages like ‘Centro de Bellas Artes de Puerto Rico’ in sold-out shows, The Hard Rock Rising Miami Beach Centennial Celebration, a Latin Billboard 2017 Showcase and opening up a live TV Christmas Special in the ‘Canal 13’ of Puerto Rico. She has also sung in non-profit events such as the Vino di Mare Gala and many others.
In late May 2016, she was awarded with a scholarship for Berklee College of Music, for the year of 2017.
Hillary released her first single, ‘The Story’, in mid-October 2016. Now, Hillary’s feature in YoFred’s song is captivating an audience, one of the most popular radio stations in Puerto Rico. Which brings her to the hopes of nourishing a big audience into feeling their bad moments can bring good memories. Making a person feel the need to dance and be joyful while listening to her music, yet still relate in every human way possible.

Follow Hillary’s dreams.You can listen to her music in Download de app. We play the music that you like.

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